How We Work 

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All large projects are tracked on Microsoft Project, small projects may only require the consultant agreement itself or a simple objectives list. We follow standard project methodologies; SDLC is generally used on IT projects and the DMAIC process of Six Sigma for Engineering projects. Here is a look at the process:

  • Initial free consultation.
  • We provide an initial quote and consultant agreement based on the consult.
  • Agreement is signed and purchase order issued.
  • We create a project charter and timeline for the work.
  • Analysis is performed, project charter and timeline are refined.
  • Work begins, progress reports and regular development meetings occur.
  • Solution is tested and refined outside of the production environment.
  • Solution is documented and final installation in production environment occurs.
  • We provide training & support for the initial startup.
  • Lessons learned and customer satisfaction survey completed.

       Our Commitment To You.....

"We will always ensure in writing that the inner workings of your company and its data remain protected at all times."