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Six Sigma DMAIC Process

Six Sigma / Lean uses the DMAIC (pronounced Dah-May-Ick) process to implement projects. It is a structured process that facilitates data driven decision making. A project charter is used to better define the goals and objectives of the project. A summary of each phase is shown below.

Define- Define the project, goals and deliverables to customers (internal and external) in a project charter. Describe and quantify both the defect and expected improvement. Quality Function Deployment can be used to define the link between customer needs and your processes.

Measure- Measure current process performance. Validate data to ensure it is credible and set baselines. Current value stream maps can be created. Look at causes and effects.

Analyze- Analyze and determine root cause(s) of defects. Narrow the factors down to the vital few (X's). Use statistical analysis, regression analysis and DOE.

Improve- Improve the process to eliminate defects. Optimize the vital few and their interrelationships using statistical tools to verify performance.

Control- Control the performance of the process. Lock in the gains so they become a permanent part of your business.